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Veterinary services

Target Group or Beneficiaries: Anybody who needs to import or trace their Livestocks and farmers, Organisations and Citizens.
Permit Cost: The Import Permit is N$50 per application.


Permit System for Livestock Movement

Traceability System for Livestock Movement

Import Permits, Importation of all Animals/Animal Products into Namibia

Agricultural Production, Extension and Engineering Services


Plant and Plant Production Import and Export
Target Group or Beneficiaries: Anybody who is importing plants, plant products and propagating material.
Permit cost: N$100.

Rebate Commodities
Target Group or Beneficiaries: Commodities Importers, Namibian companies that have successfully applied for a quota. The quota allocated to a company can be spread over the 12 month period above.

Cost and valid dates: The permit is only valid for 3 months. More permits can be applied for. Currently the permit is free of charge.


  • Farmers Training
  • Plan Farm Infrastructure
  • Assist Farmers with Land Use Planning
  • Support Resettlement & AALS Farmers
  • Assit in Disaster management
Girl in a jacket

Girl in a jacket

Agricultural, Research and Development Services

  • Agro-climatological services and soil mapping
  • Seed multiplication
  • Conservation of crop genetic material
  • Conversation of livestock materials
  • Bull and Rams scheme – bulls too the farmer
  • Grazing Carrying capacity
  • Auctions: livestock's
  • Vocational training in Agriculture