Acting Director: Agricultural Production, Extension and Engineering Services

Mr. Ben Haraseb
Tel: +264 61 208 7458 / 7459

Deputy Director: Extension - Southern and Eastern Regions

Mr. Ben Haraseb
Tel: +264 61 208 7488

Deputy Director: Extension - Central and North Western Division

Mr. Dennis Petrus
Tel: +264 61 208 7493

Deputy Director: North Central Division

Mr. Leevi Nekwaya
Tel: +264 65 233 820

Acting Deputy Director: Extension- North Eastern Division

Mr. Zepee Havarua
Tel: +264 81 286 2572

Deputy Director: Plant Health Division

Mrs. Margareth Matengu
Tel: +264 61-208 7477

Deputy Director: Agricultural Engineering Division

Mr. Felix Ndinamwene
Tel: +264 61-208 7784


A leading directorate, providing professional agricultural advisory services to farmers for sustainable and optimal market oriented agricultural production.


To promote appropriate and improved agricultural technologies, practices and create a conducive environment for the private sector and other stakeholders to participate, for optimal and sustainable agricultural production Mission


  • Provide Agricultural Services in the form of advice information dissemination and training.

  • Identify technology and training needs in all aspect of agricultural production.

  • Promote the development, adaptation and adoption of appropriate technologies.

  • Promote Plant and Livestock production

  • Contribute to the implementation of agricultural related policies

  • Engage in production and contribute to household and national food security.

  • Provide Agriculture Engineering Services

  • Regulate the importation and exportation of agro-chemicals, farm feeds, plant and plant products

  • Develop and manage state owned agronomic projects.

Division Southern

  • Sub-Division Omaheke Region
  • Sub-Division Kharas Region
  • Sub-Division Hardap Region

Division Plant Health

  • Sub-Division Agricultural Input
  • Sub-Division Plant Health Control

Division North Central

  • Sub_Division Omaheke Region
  • Sub_Division Ohangwena Region
  • Sub_Division Omusati Region
  • Sub_Division Oshana Region

Division North Eastern

  • Sub-Division Kavango West Region
  • Sub-Division Zambezi Region
  • Sub-Division Kavango East Region
  • Sub-Division Otjozondjupa Region

Division Central North West

  • Sub-Division Khomas Region
  • ​​​​​​Sub-Division Erongo Region
  • Sub-Division Kunene Region

Division Engineering Services

  • Sub-Division Infrastructure, Soil Conservation and Irrigation
  • Sub-Division Energy Mechanisation Technology and Agro Industries
  • Sub-Division Project Design and Development

Mandated to Promote, Develop, Manage and utilize Agriculture, Water and Land Resources sustainably

  • MAWLR Head Office, Government Office Park, Luther Street
  • Private Bag 13184, Windhoek, Namibia
  • +264-61-208 7111
  • Lands Reform and Resettlement, Robert Mugabe Avenue No.55
  • Private Bag 13343, Windhoek, Namibia
  • +264-61-296 5371