Etunda irrigation farm is located at Ruacana, approximately 150 km west of Oshakati, in the Omusati region. The farm is about 600hactres in size, which is split in half for both commercial and small scale farming. Maize is the main crop on the commercial plot (300ha), whereas various vegetables varieties such as wheat, potatoes, cabbage, onion, melons and bananas are cultivated seasonally throughout the year by small scale farmers. The farm workforce comprises of a total of 126 workers of which 45 are males and 81 are females.

Small Scale Farmers

The Scheme has about 82 small scale farmers. Each of the small scale farmers has a field of about 3 ha for irrigation. However, there are 6 small scale farmers who were given about 6 ha. The six farmers were selected based on their level of production and because of the way they maintain and manage their crops. This serves as an encouragement to them and a motivation to other small scale farmers. They are considered as the best farmers who are accountable in terms of paying their accounts. Small scale farmers are growing maize, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, butter nuts, ground nuts sweet potatoes and water melons. The best small scale farmers are now growing wheat because of the additional ha provided.

Since most of the small scale farmers were not able to pay their accounts, they got a loan of about N$ 3 million from Agri Bank in January 2007. They are using a voucher system with a loan, each get about N$ 20 000 to N$ 100 000 depending on the programme. This loan is from MAWF and given to Agri Bank to manage it.

Service Providers

The service provider has ten (10) center pivots and each pivot cover a large area of about 30 ha. They are growing the same crops that small scale farmers are growing except Bananas and wheat. The government is assisting service providers through the infrastructures that they are using, the center pivots, tractors, trucks and cars are all from the government.


The service provider has the advantage of marketing his/her crops. They know where to sell both in and outside the country especially to South Africa. Small scale farmers on the other hand sell their products in Oshakati and around Etunda. They are provided with a truck to market their goods.

Etunda irrigation Scheme Second Phase.

There is a second phase of the project which will have about five to six center pivots. They area has already been cleared and electricity and water pipes are already installed. There is an advert looking for an expert who is willing to be a service provider at this phase. When they get the service provider then work will begin. It is at this site where some of the farmers who are being trained at Mashare will be resettled.

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