The important role of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture is now being recognized in the international arena, especially its contribution to the lives of people in and around the towns and cities unemployed or underemployed. The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform, Directorate of Extension and Engineering Services launched a project entitled " Integrated Initiative in Support of Urban and Peri-Urban Horticulture Development" in Namibia Funded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform & Forestry.

Project Mission

  • Contribution to food security by improving access to high quality fresh horticulture produce at household level all year round.
  • Promote employment and income for the less endowed population in the Urban and Peri-Urban environment.

Project Objectives

  1. Secure access to natural resources (land, water)
  2. Secure high quality and safe of horticulture produce
  3. Secure the institutional context for a sustainable development of Urban and Peri-Urban Horticulture in Namibia
  4. Secure the impact of the Urban and Peri- Urban initiative

Project Beneficiaries

The primary project beneficiaries are:
  • Urban slum dwellers, landless, marginal farmers and disadvantaged groups
  • Resource poor families
  • Unemployed and underemployed (weak/old and young)

Technical specifications

Technologies used include amongst others:

  1. Integrated production and protection management techniques
  2. Micro-garden system
  3. Micro-irrigation techniques
  4. Cultivation of improved and adapted varieties

Advantages of urban horticulture production (micro-garden system:

  1. Efficient water usage less insects and disease
  2. Require little physical effort, weak/old and young can do it
  3. Require limited space

Mandated to Promote, Develop, Manage and utilize Agriculture, Water and Land Resources sustainably

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